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    Tuesday, December 29, 2009

    Goodbye Cyber Space

    I never thought i say this but this will probably be my last entry. I've learned that i no longer have my say on my own blog, thanks to the unfortunate incident. It has definitely dampen my interest to blog further coz' i no longer have the freedom to speak.

    So to all my frequent readers (if there is any), thanks for taking that extra time to read my uninteresting thoughts. I hope that, i have, in some ways entertained you. =)

    But before i go, i thought i share some highlight moments of my life lately..

    counting down to a new year..i had the best view ever!!

    during christmas...

    kissing under the mistletoe

    christmas dinner with his family

    then there were those drinking, dancing & partying moments with ppl close to my heart.....

    Baby sis & me singing our hearts out

    the endless shots we had

    i laugh hard & play harder

    dearest carol & me sharing a moment

    the night we screamed at our tired feet

    and my sweetie Vel who was there to hear me rant my sorrow..

    At baby's place preparing his dinner while waiting for him to come home...

    i sharpened my culinary skill while he played guinea pig

    amidst all the fun/ partying, i know & i am contented that i can always come home to your warm embrace..

    basically i was leading a somewhat tai tai lifestyle doing things like shopping, mani & pedicure, coffee with my kaki & &...oh..i learned to play majong too! I've already close the ugly chapter. yes, it did affect me but i've learned to let go so i can enjoy many other things. Those who still bare the grudge, must be leading a bitter life.

    And i am happy to announce that i've gotten a better offer. I shall not disclose where i'll be working before someone try to sabotage me again but this job give me better prospect.

    So this is it...i am not sure if i will ever start up a new blog..but i am definitely closing this blog for good.



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    Monday, December 28, 2009

    A Lesson "Well Taught"

    unfortunately i had to learn it the hard way. The results?

    1. I lost a career opportunity (an opportunity to work with an amazing/ inspiring career woman),

    2. wasted my time waiting for the job when i could have go for other alternative,

    3. was humiliated & morale was reduced to

    This morning was my first day at my new job and i was really excited to learn new things & meet new people. However, the excitement was short live. After what seem like 2hours of handover was drained down when 'Miss S' invited me to the room to deliver the bad news. I was dumbfounded, caught unaware & i tried all means to stay collected. I was anguish coz' after traveling all the way down & wasted 2 hours of my time, i was dismissed! Why won't u let me know in advance so i can save the trip? i could've very well make my time useful at home, sending resumes.

    This predicament was totally unnecessary. I was told i acted unprofessionally & childish. If i was being unprofessional, i don't suppose Mr W is any better. Your agenda was clear cut. The very moment you sound the incident out to Miss S, you had every mind to crash me. You could have confronted me straight.

    I am not saying i am not at fault. If you say publicizing your face and bad mouthing you on my blog was unrighteous & unprofessional, i apologize. But what happened to 'my blog, my say'? I always thought not going against you or speaking against you when i'm pissed off with you is my way of being professional. Afterall, you're my manager & knowing your character, i can never put myself to talk back to you or even shout at you in front others. Surely i had to vent my displease somewhere & many times i chose to control. But that particular day ( 22 June 09, to be exact), my anger & tolerance shot up to the peak. Trapped & nobody to turn to at that very moment, i blogged about it. I did not realized that one time turns fatal.

    Why was i unhappy? I feel unappreciated that day. In fact, i struggled almost any other day. You were unaware how many times i've helped you cover up when the bosses ask about your whereabout. I know for sure you do not have morning appointment everyday & that you can only come in at 10 or 11am. I had to lie, that made me a sinner & you a saint. And let's be honest, your youtube browsing did not helped either. It has become part of your routine in the office to browse youtube while we work for you. You're unaware how disturbed i/ we felt whenever you try to share the video with us. We had to put our work on hold to accommodate you. Many times when i have doubts with work, i can never get your full attention. And the strangest & most bizarre thing was, when we surf unauthorized sites or even catch a video on youtube & you caught us doing so, you reprimand us sternly.

    I recall an incident where i was watching an episode on youtube during lunch time, you were time clocking me; constantly asking 'how long more is the video'. Hello? it's my lunch time, don't i get a little leisure time? The next thing i know, he was watching some variety show on youtube. so much for being professional?

    If "i am a manager, i can do whatever i want" is your way with things, i think you're not setting an example for your subordinate. There are so much more i can state, like there are times where you use office hours for your personal stuff (car shopping, sending gf/ taking care of her when she's feeling unwell....) is that what you want your subordinate to learn from you? Can we do the same or only MANAGERS get away with all this "perks"? I say, you're just abusing you authority.

    I didn't want to confront you all this while coz' i want to give you the respect & i didn't want our friendship to turn sour or to jeopardize our working relationship. Afterall, you're my superior. I believe this is my way of being professional & for me to even tolerate so much, i don't consider myself childish.

    Anyway, thanks for ruining the plans i had for this new job & my life. I am pretty use to you doing such thing behind my back. You had no idea, do you? Allow me to refresh your memory. Remember when i blurted out my displease with the company & that i wanna quit? I was just being spiteful coz' i was angry with you & the management for not appreciating me. I was still considering & the next thing i know, you voiced it out to Mr J. He approached me, hoping to get a reason for my tots of leaving, i sound it out to him & half way thru he had a meeting & we never spoke further. The very next thing i know, Mr E came in. I was pushed to a corner where i can't turn back. I wanted very much to stay until my bonus came, afterall i worked hard for it. let's not forget the incident where you & mr J played me out about my departing date. Whoever lied? You said it was mr J but he claimed otherwise. I was, once again humiliated. Left with no reason to stay, i left with hopes to find a new career path. And you got in the way again...

    Many reprimand that i shouldn't add you on facebook. I didn't care coz' i always thought that there should be no grudges after i left the company & i do still treat you as a mentor/ friend. I didn't expect your pettiness to get in the way. Maybe i shouldn't have...

    P.S: I know you will probably read this. And yes, i finally voiced out on my own blog. No point confronting each other. I just wanna let it all out here & forget about the whole incident. And rest assured that no names are mention, so i don't suppose i am being unprofessional.


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    Wednesday, November 25, 2009

    The Picture Says That....

    says that..i am confuse with my skin tone

    fair or tan?

    And bloody hell..my sis thinks that i look like a Thai pub hostess in the fairer pic

    says that..i aspire to be a photographer like Annie Leibovitz

    but i know nuts about photographing (professional way)

    says that..i camwhore even at DFS

    While waiting for my mummy & sis to cash out their loots..

    soooo jealous! I want my Gucci bag too..

    says that..i yearn to own a x'mas tree at home

    but mummy refuse to have one -__-

    says that..i have been spending mummy's money on accessories

    total damage: $80 plus at Diva


    the picture says that i've been to Republic Poly recently

    And don't we all wish to study in such serene environment?


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    Monday, November 16, 2009

    So Caught Up...

    with things lately, hardly had time for any R & R or some alone time. Haven't been blogging either, coz my lappy is with my guy & i don't have the time to blog either. So caught up moving, packing, unpacking & shopping for furniture lately. Neglected my friends, sweetie & my facebook..lol! But the whole moving thing kinda bonded my family closer.

    So Sunday? my schedule was as such:

    9am - Dim Sum with family (Celebrated Dad's belated b'day - he was so emo we forgot his)

    11am - home (change & freshen up plus steal some time to rest)

    2pm- photoshoot at Holland V (drop by to visit Carol & Qiu Qiu)

    7pm - Ikea (furniture shopping with Mummy & Bro)

    11pm - Finally reach home (unpack!!)

    1am - finally revisit my bed again - snooze~

    i was feeling vain here, while waiting for my sis to prepare

    waited at least an hour..grr!

    hen we camwhore before leaving my place..

    we love the natural lighting from our room & how the wall colour totally blended in

    first camwhoring session in our new room!

    hiding behind someone real skinny, instantly makes u look slimmer

    ok..i wasn't sure how that happen but we were going for that big hairdo shot

    who look more convincing?

    *pout pout*

    alright we have had many people telling us we don't look like siblings

    but the truth is we are!

    And i heart her!

    Although sometimes...

    we scream at each other;
    steal each others' clothes;
    pull each others' hair;
    i say, we are pretty tight bonded siblings!

    many commented that we don't look a tit bit alike..

    i say: "yeah, we don't"

    i hate to admit this but, firstly she's slightly taller than me (1 or 2 cm only la!), slimmer than me, fairer than me

    or otherwise, like what my mummy would say "we're blessed in different ways"

    She feels more like a friend than a sister & yes..i am the elder one!

    i am the rounder other half

    us trying to show our couple ring but failed badly

    this is better~

    on the set, marilyn doing cute harajuku lip makeup on Qiu Qiu

    I remember vividly when Carol message me saying she needed a great model for a fashion spread

    I immediately had Qiuting in mind. I frequent her blog but i am no stalker ok..i was blog browsing until one fine day i chance upon her's & after reading a few entries, i thought, she's really down to earth, despite her effortless beauty. i dropped her an email requesting her modeling service & was shock to find her really easy going.

    I think she's a fun person to be with & she immediately switch into her poses without us giving her much direction.

    She's a professional.

    stole this picture of her from her blog - i hope she won't sue me for plagiarizing. =X

    anyway, she look gorgeous even without makeup

    i love her sharp features & her jawline is so define, they look great in photos.

    oh well..i met another attention drawing model on set..

    Introducing YODA~

    such a horny cat! he/ she (i forgot it's gender) go around harassing everyone by brushing it's body against our legs & showing her "hole"

    lol! After awhile, it grew grouchy & fell asleep..

    i found a really westernized furnish shop along Holland V

    they sell Jamie Oliver's cook book, cutlaries, pots & pans

    i wanted to go in but i was running late, & i know i will spend at least 1/2 hour in it..

    pokka endorsement?!

    i love my dress!

    i love my bag too!

    now she's either a pole dancer or road sign spokesperson

    taken while waiting for bus

    i don't know why mummy look so tired..

    probably becoz'..

    us spending her money drained her out..

    ok! we will control our spending the next time..

    ending off with a super act cute *pui pui* picture of me

    actually just ignore that face, i kinda like the lightings..


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